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LUX Residency Program

  LUX Center for the Arts is a non-profit arts center that has been serving the Lincoln community for over 34 years.  LUX Center for the Arts began its residency program in 2003 to...

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2015 UNL Summer Course

Camille Hawbaker, fellow club member and adjunct faculty member,  will be offering a Woven/Non-woven studio course this summer as part of UNL’s Summer Sessions. The course is running currently as a Spring semester offering...

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SketchUp Workshop Announced

The UNL Maker Club will be hosting a SketchUp 3D modeling workshop on Thursday, April 16th, from 7 to 9 p.m. SketchUp is a powerful and intuitive general-purpose 3D modeling tool used for architecture, interior...

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UAV Group

Greetings Makers, **UPDATE: 2015-04-21** : Parts have not arrived yet… Parts for our quadcopters are on their way. As a result, we will not meet until the parts come in. Once the parts come in,...

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3D Printing Group meeting

Hello Makers! We will not have a meeting this week due to scheduling conflicts. Also, due to spring break, there will not be a meeting next week either. Have a safe break! Beau

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UAV Group

Greetings Makers, As we will be ordering parts within the week, this meeting will prepare us for when we get the quadcopter parts. We will focus on the necessary equipment and steps to assemble the quadcopter....

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3D Printing Group Meeting

Hello Makers! The 3D printing group will be meeting tonight in SEC 318 at 7. I will do a very basic demo of solidworks and we’ll talk about design. Hope to see you there,...

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UAV Group

Greetings Makers, The meeting will be located in Avery 352. Last week, we flew the Hubsan x4 quadcopters. These little quads proved to be very stable and fantastic for practicing. This week, apart from...

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Meeting Wednesday Night

Good morning makers! The 3D Printing Group will have another meeting to tear apart printers this Wednesday (March 4th) at 7:00 in SEC 318. Hope to see you there!